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Review  of  Xs Nd Os by  jamsphere.com

Fresh off the assembly line from the Skelectory industrial musical factory, comes the single, “Xs Nd Os”. The duo has never been tighter in their respected positions in the band. All the instruments, voice, lyrics, hit their pinnacle here. They manage to come up with a well-formed adrenaline-rhythm and well-focused emotional torment, which is at the base of the industrial genre.

Yet it’s not the ear-grinding, nightmarish electro-industrial or any over noisy dissonant trash. This is something more attractive, something more complex, something greater. It’s aggressive but not scathing, while also being dreamlike and hypnotic. There is melody in the madness!

Skelectory are poised at the edge of something new, and are working towards completing the crossing. “Xs Nd Os” is vibrant and alive, and perfect for any dance floor too. Armand and Zy have been many places with their music, but they have always maintained their strong Industrial power, while incorporating a faint undercurrent of EDM themes. This is evident on “The Source”, as well as “Insurrection”, but more so, on “Xs Nd Os”.


Comments about “Source” by Greeny from songcrafters.org

Heavy and industrial sounding yet incredibly melodic. The treated vocals over that crunching riffage are brilliant. Nice breakdowns too, and I liked the ‘Psycho’ string-synth stabs. This is a really polished track and a fine listen. Great work.



Comments about “Source” by Tangled Wires from songcrafters.org

This is pretty amazing, so much to admire in that huge wall of sound you have created and I like the way those hugely impressive sounding vocals sit slightly back in the mix, just loud enough to be prominent enough but still allowing those incredible guitar sounds to have maximum impact.

As Greeny says, it is heavy as hell but with a real magical melodic edge to it too.


chaostheory review of Wicked Angel

This is a song, I can close my eyes to and be transformed to another world. Wonderful piano piece and steady and precise guitar and drum work. I would of like to have the vocals a little more prominent because they are worth hearing. 5/5 Great work


Dylan Thermos review of Wicked Angel

Fast paced piano intro, would love to read the lyrics perhaps you could post them? High pitched vocal harmonies. Some harmony guitars.
A very dark sounding song just right for the mosh pit.
The speed up is frantic after the piano solo heavy metal at its finest……….well done.


Beowolfproductions.com review of the 2012 demo

The music is very atmospheric and has abit of a Gothic Metal feel to it at times. This is because of some of the cold, dark and dreary
parts in their music. They also add in some harsher more dramatic parts, which is where a lot of the Industrial parts come into play. The symphonic parts reminded me a lot of a lot of Black Metal bands from Europe. This is a very cool concept and combination of styles. I prefer mostly the faster more aggressive music, but I do like to break it up from time to time and this is the perfect band for that. Check these very talented and creative musicians out!


Thomas Wyreson’s review of Cold Seed (Tiamat cover)

That’s a cool cover, after the opening few bars I thought it sounded a little bit to much like the original, but the then verse hit, completely different. Good job! It’s like a heavy version of the song. To me, a cover has to be different enough from the original to be interesting, but not lose what was good about the song in the first place. I think You nailed it on this one.


Anna Danziger’s review of Wicked Angel

I’ve listened to the “Wicked Angel” almost immediately after it appeared in the Internet and found it appealing and amazing :) What I like most about the song is that it is melodically rich and versatile in terms of styles used. I have the impression that it goes smoothly and elegantly from style to style, which is not by all musicians the case :) I could also put my impression in other words: Harmonically disharmonic, but not cacophonic. I liked the main melodical theme. It reminds me a little bit of Tiamat, but in my opinion it’s not a bad thing, quite the opposite :) All in all, I would conclude as follows: not boring and not epigonic though there are some influences audible. Strangely enough, I also hear approx. on 00:55 and 06:46 some music phrase very similar to a few seconds from “Jozin s bazin”, but maybe it’s only my imagination :)
When trying to analyze the song from different points of view and asking myself whether I’m maybe missing something in it… I would say that I would wish myself a more clear structure. But for example my husband says for him the structure is OK, cause he as a progressive rock/metal fan is used to very complicated structures :)
And, as far as a dilettante like me can judge, it’s also cool played and recorded from a technical point of view :)


Gnasty from songcrafters.org on Wicked Angel

From the piano intro and on this is spectacular! Very Dream Theatre-ish!! The guitars and mix, drums
everything about the production is incredible. The vox should just come up or is this the delivery
you were obtaining?




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